Example Cash Flow

Following some recent requests for an example of a basic cash flow file please feel free to download my cash flow template file below. 

There are 2 tabs in the cash flow file:

Income & Expenses tab

This is the data entry tab.  Rows 43 and below are open to enter some additional transactions to see how it works.  The dropdown list in column D is dependent on the categories entered in column A (Summary tab).

Summary tab

This is the cash flow summary tab.  The totals should update based on the transactions entered in the 'Income & Expenses' tab.  You can enter a new category in cell A20 (which will flow through to the dropdown list on the 'Income & Expenses' tab).  You can also change cell A2 to show actual costs or actual plus forecast costs.  Cell B2 will change the year.

Obviously this file can be easily tweaked to suit your needs and is a very basic example.  I hope you find this useful.  If you require any further assistance please contact me.