Example IF statements

Hi – one of the most commonly used Microsoft Excel functions is the ‘IF’ function. 


‘IF’ statements can be a very simple yes / no statement or can be complex (nested) multiple answer ‘IF’ statements.


The main objective when learning how to write ‘IF’ statements is to start simple and grow your statements as you get used to writing them.  Once you've mastered a nested statement you can then look at utilising ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ functions within an ‘IF’ statement.    


Today we’ll stick with just an ‘IF’ statement.  Below shows 2 examples of an IF statement.  The first is a simple ‘IF’ statement with only 2 answers.  The second is a nested ‘IF’ statement (ie one ‘IF’ statement inside another) showing how you can grow your ‘IF’ statements to show more than just 2 answers.  


Remember when writing a nested ‘IF’ statement be aware of the order of your statement.  A nested ‘IF’ statement will not work properly if the logic is out of order.

Please feel free to download the example above.  I hope you find this post useful.