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Hi, I’m Darren and responsible for all the Microsoft Excel modelling, consultancy and training.

Since starting my working career over 20 years ago I have progressed through many finance roles culminating in working for Fender Musical Instruments as a senior financial analyst. I qualified as a Certified Microsoft Excel Specialist shortly after joining Ashanta Solutions. I am proficient in the design of management information systems which ensure that essential data is delivered accurately and timely in a fast moving environment.  I am also experienced in the design and delivery of technical training with a strong focus on Sage and Microsoft Excel. 

My goal is to provide Microsoft and accounting services that add instant value to small and medium sized businesses.  

Microsoft Excel Modelling & Consultancy

My Microsoft Excel modelling expertise has been utilised both in the UK, America and Taiwan!  My aim is always to create flexible models that do not become redundant as your business grows.  While I appreciate there are always some exceptions to this rule (when a business makes significant changes) Microsoft Excel has the potential to be flexible and add value for long periods. 

I am recognised for generating professional dashboard models that allow senior management to manipulate a workbook without the need to see all the raw data.  These dashboards can enable management to see different scenarios quickly without the need to spend time changing lots of variables.   

Whether it’s creating a workbook from new or, as in many cases, simply improving the efficiency of an existing workbook my experience and skills will not only improve the way your Excel files work but will also progress your knowledge of Microsoft Excel.   

Workplace Microsoft Excel Training

While there are many training courses available on the market today most courses tend to be designed to simply run through the many Excel functions in order of difficulty.  This often results in attendees forgetting functions that they don’t use regularly and losing momentum learning functions that are not relevant.  Furthermore, many courses are run by pure ‘Trainers’ rather than someone who has actually used Microsoft Excel consistently at work.  

Ultimately there are many functions that are simply not applicable to many users.  The real power of Microsoft Excel is not necessarily about learning all the functions but, more importantly, combining the functions you know with each other. 

Before attending my training courses a small questionnaire is completed. This is to gauge a general level of knowledge and, more importantly, to understand your current day to day demands and issues encountered with Microsoft Excel.  This is normally followed by a brief discussion to enable a training course to be structured to focus on the key functions that will be used with your business.  If possible I also like to utilise your company data in my training literature.  

I don’t run beginner, intermediate or advanced courses but courses that are structured around your knowledge and current requirements.  All course attendees will be given my full training manual covering all the functions I teach.  This allows attendees to progress at work, if possible, rather than need to continually book follow-on courses.  Microsoft is a powerful tool and once you unlock some elements it will give you the confidence to explore and learn more.  

Microsoft Excel Resource Vault

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