Established Accountancy Firm for Small to Medium Businesses in the East Midlands


Hi, I’m Natasha and I take responsibility for the accounting side of the business. We run Ashanta Solutions as a service orientated firm. We have strong relationships with our clients. We have worked with many of them for a number of years and have seen them experience significant growth.

Our aim is to offer small and medium sized firms the opportunity to have a “Finance Director” - without the large cost this would normally involve.

On-going Accounting Services

For firms that we decide to work with we can carry out all the accounting functions required, from basic book keeping up to filing of statutory accounts and correspondence with HMRC. We also work closely with Darren on the Sage reporting and Excel side to automate accounting processes as far as possible to endeavor to ensure costs are minimised whilst output is relevant and timely. 


In addition to this permanent function we carry out a number of one off projects for clients. These would normally fall into the following categories:

  • Due diligence work for clients looking to purchase or sell businesses, or for clients who are looking to enter into significant contracts and want to be sure of the other side's financial position and other interests
  • Auto – Enrolment projects relating to the new pension rules. These include researching and setting up the schemes and then either handing back to the client or running the payroll process going forwards while ensuring compliance with the rules.
  • Research and Development tax work, reviewing expenditure and compiling the required reports and returns to enable clients to reclaim R&D enhanced expenditure or credits back from HMRC.
  • HMRC investigations and checks, working with you and HMRC to try to resolve any issues, or simply performing HMRC type reviews on systems and processes to ensure taxes are being reported accurately

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